Speaker & Subwoofer
Repairs Melbourne
We are an authorised service agent for these brands:

- Marantz, Jamo, AKG Audio PRO Boston Cambridge 
- Denon Elan, Infinity, Loewe, MK, Mordant-ShorT 
- NAD, Niles, Primare, PS Audio, REL
- Sonar, Sunfire, Tannoy

We also repair most other speaker brands such as Bose, Jbl, VIFA, B&O, B&W, Canton and many others, as well as professional and vintage model speakers.
We are also specialists in amplifier, CD and subwoofer repairs including valve amplifiers.
We offer the following services for your speakers:
  • All brand speaker repairs
  • Reconing and Refoaming
  • Voice coil replacement
  • Rebuild crossover
  • Restorations and reconditioning
Call us on 9578 0707 to speak with our experienced technicians.